10 Best Gift Ideas for the “Makers” in Your Life, According to Over 8,800 Reviewers

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Welcome to the Thomas guide to the best gift ideas for the ‘makers’ in your life in 2022. Thomas has been connecting North American industrial buyers and suppliers for over 120 years. When you purchase products through our independent recommendations, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The creative makers in your life can always use new tools to craft items, workstations to organize their materials, or better quality supplies to upgrade their craft or hobbies. Our gift guide features items for a range of creative types including masons, jewelery makers, potters, weavers and engravers that are sure to be a hit. Whether you’re buying a gift for a mechanic or a candle maker, a well-thought-out gift will go a long way and show that you care. We hope our top picks will help you find the right gift for the special innovative and artistic person in your life.

Best gift ideas for creative friends and family

According to a Harvard study, creativity helps to reduce stress and promote well-being, along with improving mental health. The gifts below can spur any hands-on person to fix something or take on a new creative project. With something for all makers and hobbyists alike, we’re sure our list below will help you find something for that special someone this holiday season.

Best Gift Idea for Sculptors: Dremel Mini Drill Set | Buy now

Best Tool Box For Mechanics: DEKOPRO Auto Repair Tool Box | Buy now

Best Masonry Tool Set: Goldblatt 8 Piece Masonry Hand Tool Set | Buy now

Best Standard Workstation Gift Idea: WEN WB4723T 48-Inch Workstation | Buy now

Best Portable Workstation For Jewelers: Jewelry Supply Workstation Beaders | Buy now

Best Artist Paint Kits: Senmink 149 Piece Deluxe Artist Paint Kit | Buy now

Best Gift Pottery Set: Huanyu Pottery Wheel | Buy now

Best Gift for Weavers or Knitters: Ashford 24-Inch Heddle Loom | Buy now

Best Gift for Bookmakers: VENCINK Bookbinding Set | Buy now

Best Gift for Candle Makers: Scandinavian Candle Co. Luxury candle making kit | Buy now

Scroll down to learn more about our top gifts for the ‘makers’ in your life, according to thousands of happy customers.

*Prices in this article are as shown in US dollars on Amazon as of November 2022

1. Best gift for a handy person — Dremel mini drill set

Medium_1-best-gift-carvers-Dremel-min.jpg - a minute ago

Wood carvers, jewelry makers and glass etchers will appreciate the versatility of this Dremel mini drill set. It can be used on leather, wood, plastic and other hard surfaces. The comfortable grip and thin handle make it easy to hold for hours without tiring the wrist or hand.

The kit includes 15 accessories and a keyless chuck for 1/32 and ⅛-inch bits. One buyer explained, “If you want a tool that’s capable of intricate carving and engraving, and you want it big enough to feel sturdy, but small enough to be comfortable, this will work really well. “

BUY NOW: $58.89, Amazon

2. Best toolbox for mechanics – DEKOPRO Auto Repair Toolkit

Medium_2-best-gift-mechanics-DEKOPRO-min.jpg - a minute ago

Mechanics or general DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the variety this 218 piece set from DEKOPRO offers. Although the set is not magnetic, it comes in both SAE and Metric sizes and comes in a durable case to organize and store all the tools. Weighing less than 14 pounds, it’s also light and compact enough to be stowed in a car for emergency use.

A customer who bought this for her husband described, “It has so many different tools, I can’t imagine he needs much more. The tools themselves are well made and look like they will last through many years of future projects.

BUY NOW: $99.99, Amazon

3. Best Masonry Tool Set – Goldblatt 8 Piece Masonry Tool Set

Medium_3-best-gift-masons-Goldblatt-min.jpg - a minute ago

This masonry set from Goldblatt contains everything a mason needs to level concrete or other materials. The professional-quality eight-piece set also comes with a sturdy canvas bag to neatly store and organize all tools. The set comes with measuring and finishing trowels, aluminum and wood floats, a groover, an edger and a wire twister.

“I bought this for whole house remodels and new construction projects,” explains one consumer. “This set is durable and I like that it comes with its own storage bag. Perfect gift for any construction or builder in the family.”

BUY NOW: $69.99, Amazon

4. Best Standard Workstation — WEN 48-inch Workstation

Medium_4-best-standard-workstation-WEN-min.jpg - a minute ago

For the disorganized handy person, this WEN Standard 48″ Workstation makes a great gift to help organize their tools and cables. It comes with a large pegboard with an LED light for low-lit garages, a tabletop that can hold up to 220 pounds, and two drawers. While it is quite a job to put together, once set up it is an incredibly useful piece of kit that any maker will love.

“The included light is bright enough to properly illuminate the work surface, and the three-socket power strip is very handy,” reported one customer. “For the price, this device is perfect for hobbyists, hobbyists and most DIY enthusiasts.”

BUY NOW: $150.70, Amazon

5. Best Portable Workstation for Jewelers and Beaders – Beaders Workstation for Jewelry

Medium_5-best-mini-workstation-jewelers-Beaders-min.jpg - a minute ago

Beaders, jewelers and crafters will find this sturdy, all-wood workstation from Jewelry Supply a must-have for keeping all their small materials organized and working on the go. It has two dowels along the top of the shelf to hold pliers, a top shelf with ten hooks, and a bottom shelf with a handy ruler.

It is easy to assemble and you only need a screwdriver. “Great beadwork station,” reviewed one consumer. “So nice, we ordered another one for our kitchen table/beading and jewelry making. Now we can really organize our cluttered workspace.”

BUY NOW: $59.95, Amazon

6. Best Artist Paint Set – Senmink Deluxe Artist Paint Set

Medium_6-best-paint-set-artists-Senmink-min.jpg - a few seconds ago

To give the artists in your life a range of options, the art media in this 149-piece deluxe paint set from Senmink will keep them busy for hours. Ranging from watercolors to acrylics and including brushes, paper, canvas and accessories, this set has everything needed for a novice or experienced artist.

It even includes a durable aluminum easel that folds up portable for Plein sky painting. “My son has been watching some old Bob Ross videos and suddenly has this great desire to paint,” explains a buyer who bought this kit for their son’s birthday. “Everything you could want to start painting is there. We were quite impressed.”

BUY NOW: $119.95, Amazon

7. Best Gift Pottery Set – Huanyu Pottery Wheel

Medium_7-best-pottery-Huanyu-min.jpg - a few seconds ago

Many who are into pottery and love the craft dream of owning their own high quality potter’s wheel like this Huanyu potter’s wheel that can easily fit into any home. It comes with a foot pedal with adjustable speed, an LCD screen, a plastic tray and an aluminum alloy turntable with circles that make it easier to throw clay.

With a maximum clay weight of 10 pounds on the turntable, this item may be expensive, but it’s a great investment piece for that special someone who loves to sculpt. “Really nice unit,” wrote one satisfied customer. “The pedal holds its own speed, which is great and an easy pan to use. Smooth variable foot pedal speed.”

BUY NOW: $409.99, Amazon

8. Best Gift for Weavers – Ashford 24-inch Heddle Loom

Medium_8-best-weaving-gift-ashford-min.jpg - a few seconds ago

The ultimate gift for a weaving enthusiast, this Ashford 24″ Rigid Heddle Loom is small enough to fit on a table, but large enough to create beautiful scarves. This loom makes a great gift for any knitter or weaver. The product requires assembly and the manufacturer recommends waxing the wooden pieces well before weaving.

One satisfied reviewer explained, “It’s great to be able to direct the warp on this loom, and as a beginner I’ve really appreciated the ease and speed with which I can start a project. I have already made several beautiful covers on this loom.”

BUY NOW: $279, Amazon

9. Best Gift for Bookmakers — VENCINK Binding Supplies

Medium_9-best-bookbinding-set-VENCINK-min.jpg - a few seconds ago

This VENCINK bookbinding tool kit provides manual bookbinders with all the accessories they need to bind large or small books and comes with everything from wire to two beef bone binders measuring 4.75 inches and 8 inches long. All pieces are stored in a handy pouch to keep them all neatly together.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bookbinder, this high-quality set has rave reviews from satisfied shoppers and is sure to please. One buyer wrote: “It’s a bookmaking toolkit that almost any bookmaker can use, and for the money I’m not sure you can find much better (if at all).”

BUY NOW: $23.99, Amazon

10. Best Gift for Candle Makers – Scandinavian Candle Co. Candle Making Kit

Medium_10-best-gift-candlemakers-scandinavian-min.jpg - a few seconds ago

Ideal for budding candle makers, this easy-to-use kit from the Scandinavian Candle Company includes everything needed to get your friend started making scented soy candles. The instructions include how to pour, melt, smell, and set each candle, and the kit even comes with cotton bags to gift their creations when they’re done.

“Great kit for beginners with everything you need (except a pot to boil water)” reported one buyer. “The scents included are pleasant without being overpowering, which is great because I’m sensitive to harsh scents and chemicals.”

BUY NOW: $59.99, Amazon

For the woodworkers, leathermakers, jewelers, and glass etchers in your life, the versatility of the Dremel Mini Drill Bit Set ($58.89, Amazon) makes it a worthy gift option. If you prefer a more practical gift for a mechanic or a handy friend or family member, the DEKOPRO toolbox ($99.99, Amazon) is small, lightweight and handy.

We hope our review of the best gift ideas for “makers” in your life has been helpful. For more similar suppliers, including suppliers of hobby and craft kits, film special effects materials, thermographic services and underwater adhesives, please see our supplemental guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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