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🌱 ‘Salem Salutes’ Restaurant Owner + RCPD Officer Involved Shooting


Hello Roanoke Neighbors! It’s time for the Thursday edition of Roanoke Daily, filled with all the local news you need to know. Today, you’ll find news on these stories and more…

  • Update on election fines for local campaigning
  • Update on Eureka Center meeting
  • Senate defeats DST law

Let’s fight!

But first today’s weather:

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Here are the top stories today in Roanoke:

  1. Roanoke City Police responded to a call to the Leehy Manor apartments off of Brandon Avenue SW and attempted to de-escalate a situation when a person pulled a knife and was shot by an officer. RCPD Chief Sam Roman said the suspect’s injuries are not life-threatening and, per protocol, the investigation has been turned over to the Virginia State Police since it is now considered an officer-involved shooting. The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment. No further information was provided on their condition. (WDBJ, WFIR)
  2. The Roanoke community finally got a look at the possibilities for the new Eureka Park Community Center being planned by Roanoke Parks & Rec at a community meeting held last night. The presentation by architects for the project included three different design options, but said they will not choose one of those designs, but rather seek additional input from residents to come up with a design that incorporates the most popular aspects of all three designs. . “[We want to] create opportunities that are different, intentionally different, to bring out different strategies and then get feedback from the community about what kinds of things work, what don’t work,” said Joe Celentano, Principle of VMDO Architects. The final design is expected to be ready in March, and another community meeting is planned for late February.(WSLS)
  3. The state Board of Elections has voted and decided not to impose fines on the campaign of Jamaal Jackson, a former candidate for Roanoke City Council in the 2022 election. The fines stem from reports that Jackson’s campaign violated the federal Stand By Your Ad provision, which requires candidates to include certain endorsement language in their ads. The board voted unanimously not to impose a fine, but Jackson’s campaign still faces violations and possible fines from Roanoke Registrar Andrew Cochran related to the late filing of campaign finance reports. Jackson disputes the allegations, but could face a fine of up to $3,100 — more than he spent on his entire campaign — if the case is not settled in his favor. (Roanoke Times)
  4. One of the founders of Mac n’ Bob’s Restaurant in Salem has been featured in ‘Salem Salutes’ price from Salem City Council. Bob Rotanz opened Mac n’ Bob’s in 1980, and the beloved Main Street eatery has continued to serve ice-cold beers and dish out enormous calzones that, if dropped from on high, can cover a city block after catching a little air. But that’s not all Bob is known for according to Salem City. “Truly, this is something the Council could give him every meeting for the many things he has done and continues to do to make Salem a better place to live and work,” a news release said. (WSET)
  5. A bill that would make Daylight Savings Time year-round for the Commonwealth was defeated in the state Senate on a party line vote. SB1017, brought by Sen. Richard Stuart, a Republican who represents King George County, went down in flames with a final reading and an 18-21 vote against. The particular issue in the debate was which time should be made the permanent time—standard time, observed in the winter months, or daylight saving time observed in the summer months. Senator John Edwards of Roanoke was an outspoken opponent of the bill, saying, “I’ve come to the conclusion that only Congress can really do this because you can’t have a situation where Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina all have different time zones. is bad enough in Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia. There’s an hour difference right in the middle of Bristol.” Similar bills are being discussed at national level. (Roanoke Times)

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Today in Roanoke:

  • Fun furniture painting courses at Black Dog Salvage (9am)
  • Roanoke Regional Chamber Annual Meeting at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center (5:30 p.m.)
  • R&B Karaoke at 2 Chill Restaurant (7 p.m.)
  • “The Dragon Slayer” at Hollins University Theater (7:30pm)
  • Joey’s Van at Martin’s Downtown Bar and Grill (9:30 p.m.)

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  • Roanoke Police Department – VA: “RPD Animal Wardens’ primary role is to protect, serve and defend the animals in our community. They advocate for the furry, feathered and sometimes scaly creatures who cannot speak for themselves.” (Roanoke Police Department – VA via Facebook)

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Okay, you’re all good for today! See you tomorrow morning until next time Roanoke Daily! I’m hearing rumors that it’s Friday, but I’m skeptical.


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